Administrative Officer Speaks

It has been tried to include maximum information about the school within this limited scope of a few pages of this website. The school being functional for the last twenty years and it is evolved into one of the best schools in Calicut district. The school is run by Al Irshad Charitable society and it is one of many institutions under this society. The school is always trying to attain the real goal of education, the overall development of pupils. Education is a continuous process by which a generation is prepared for the future by being provided with as many opportunities as possible to develop every aspect of personality. The school has got a wonderful communicative English language lab, and pupils enjoy its advantages. Generally speaking, all steps are taken to make teaching and learning an enjoyable activity in a total stress free atmosphere.

The school gives equal emphasis to curricular as well as co- curricular activities of the pupils. Many of the events are being organized by the children themselves to get a good exposure to them, so that their ability to perform, organize and control develops and the students’ campus radio is one of the main attractions of our institution.

As the administrator, I am always fanatical to listen from the students, parents and teachers and act positively to resolve their issues. When we look back in perception, it is sure that we have achieved a lot over the last two decades.  Today, Al Irshad Central School enjoys not only an excellent position among the educational institutions in Calicut district; it preserves a spirit of vigor, commitment, faith and participation in life.

With best regards,

Mansoor Ali A.P

Administrative Officer,

Al Irshad Central School, Thechiyad.