chairman speaks

The value oriented education is the main motive of Al Irshad Institutions. The limitations of traditional education made Al Irshad Charitable Society to think about a system of education where both the traditional education and moral education blends together. Moreover, we are giving extreme importance to woman education. Because, we understand the creation of educated mothers are the foundation of an educated society. This idea resulted in the formation of woman’s institutions.

Al-Irshad Central School is a unique one of its kind and it is one of many institutions run by Al Irshad Charitable Society. School provides ample opportunities to every child to develop their potential’s. Started in 1999 with a pretty strength of twelve students, now it becomes a Centre of excellence for around five hundred children. We are destined to produce citizen, who are capable of competing with the global population. We organize moral classes along with material ones. So the students are emotionally well balanced and intellectually sound.

With best regards,

Hussain Neebari,

The Chairman,

Al Irshad Charitable Society.