Computer Lab

Our computer lab is enormous and arranged in such a manner that every student gets the chance to experience himself in front of the computer about the Topic covered in the class room. We have enough PCs made available for the students.

Digital Class Room

The school had introduced digital systems in classrooms, as soon as its inception to make the class rooms smart. Now majority of the classrooms are digitized and all the classes reap the benefit of this tool. Teaching of subjects like science, social and mathematics become more interesting as many things which cannot be explained with the help of charts or models can be easily explained to the students with its support. Students get a real impression of things which can’t be understand when they see it text book pages.


The school has got a well equipped library and reading room. It contains more than 4000 books and periodicals in different categories. As there is a dedicated period for library for all classes, the pupils get enough time to read and borrow the books from library.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematical lab is specially arranged to boost the numerical abilities of the child. . It can foster mathematical awareness, skill, building positive attitude and learning by doing experiments in various topics of mathematics such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus etc. It provides an opportunity for students to explain and demonstrate many mathematical concepts, facts using working models, still models and charts etc. In our mathematical lab we have included a couple of items suitable for lower classes such as activities, games and puzzles. Activities could be done individually by students with guidance of teachers or could be used for demonstration with the help of small group of students.

Science Lab

Our science lab meets the every requirements of the child about his/her scientific quest and anxiety. Children enjoy the practical experiments to make confirm about the knowledge supplied by the text books and mentors. We provide separate labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology with huge facilities.

Language Lab

The school has got a wonderful communicative English language lab, and pupils enjoy its advantages. They have a good communication skill in English language. It aims to reach native English speakers styles, accent and wonderful pronunciation. English laboratory facilitating IELTS, OET tactics to crack easily or to fly out with good band in speaking, listening, reading and writing.


School ground has a total area of 4800 sq. m. Separate courts are there for Kho-kho, Volleyball and Shuttle Badminton.