principal speaks

Al Irshad Central School is the result of a cherished dream of few young men, who realized that education is the apt way to change a community who seek to become something in life.

Institutionalizing an organization with specific objectives of up lifting the community was the outstanding feature of Al Irshad Charitable Society. Search and share the knowledge was their passion. And for the attainment of their self esteem and the qualities of the product; the team was not willing to compromise. This is the very basic reason by which Al Irshad Central School is unique and fabulous.

We treat every child as an individual and individual differences are been dealt amicably so the child get ample opportunities to find proper platforms to touch the sky with glory. Our watchful eyes take care of his/her every movement so it is seldom difficult to divert his attention towards ferocious behavior. Mentoring is being scrutinized technically and the negatives were shared to individuals confidentially. So every faculty treats their work with divine applications of life skills.

One thing I can assure you that if you give a chance to your ward to complete his/her schooling in Al Irshad, he/she will definitely a successful person in life who care for service to mankind.

With best regards,

Dr. Sebastian Jacob

The Principal

Al Irshad Central School,

Thechiad, Omassery.